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What happened to Beetlejuice? And is the man still alive? stay tuned...Join me here: https://discord.gg/ADzmz8JMy twitter: https://twitter.com/umbrageytInsta.. The musical Beetlejuice features a joke-filled number that dubs itself a song about death. The closing is the result of the Shubert Organization, Broadway's biggest landlord and owner of the Winter Garden, exercising its right to shut down a show if sales fall below a certain mark, Beetlejuice producers said

http://stickandmovemanagement.com/https://www.instagram.com/beetlepimp/https://twitter.com/beetlepimpBusiness Inquiries: Bookbeetlejuice@aol.co Beetlejuice is a 1988 horror comedy film directed by Tim Burton. The film revolves around the ghosts of a recently deceased couple, who attempts to summon a demon after an obnoxious family move into their home. 1 Victims 2 Deaths 3 Kill Count 4 Notes 5 VictimsGallery Adam Maitland - Car crashed.. Is Beetlejuice dead? No, Beetlejuice is not dead. That had us worried for a cuppa minutes there! Talk of his death is just a hoax, as Heavy confirms Beetlejuice (9/9) Movie CLIP - Til Death Do Us Part (1988) HD - YouTube. Video Ad. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting. Lester Green (born June 2, 1968), better known by his stage name Beetlejuice, is an American entertainer, actor, and member of the The Howard Stern Show's Wack Pack.He was named the greatest Wack Packer of all time by Howard Stern in 2015. He has also appeared in such feature films as Bubble Boy and Scary Movie 2

The Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment presented Broadway in the Boros at the new Empire Outlets in St. George, Staten Island, on July 26, 2019.#BwayInT.. disclaimer: this song IS about death, and even though beetlejuice is generally very lighthearted this is one of the more serious songs, so just. please treat.. Beetlejuice Death Rumor, Explained: There doesn't seem to be any valid source of the death rumor, neither is there a cause of the supposed death. Beetlejuice is now 52, which might have had some fans worried about health issues. However, the news is completely baseless as Beetlejuice is alive and well The setting of Orion and rising of Scorpius signify the death of Orion by the scorpion. In China they signify brothers and rivals Shen and Shang. The Batak of Sumatra marked their New Year with the first new moon after the sinking of Orion's Belt below the horizon, at which point Betelgeuse remained like the tail of a rooster. The positions of Betelgeuse and Antares at opposite ends of the celestial sky were considered significant and their constellations were seen as a pair of scorpions

Beetlejuice Death Fact Check. Beetlejuice is alive and kicking and is currently 53 years old. Please ignore rumors and hoaxes. If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form Miss Argentina(aka The Receptionist, and Miss Receptionist) appears at the window in the Neitherworld waiting room. As she's shown in the live-action film, it appears that she committed suicide by cutting her wrists. She informs Adam and Barbara that the Afterlife is very personal (pointing out various individuals in the waiting room) and tells them, if I knew then, what I know now, I. Beetlejuice, or Betelgeuse, is the title character of the 1988 movie, Beetlejuice, and the subsequent animated television series of the same name. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info Genie VS Beetlejuice (Abandoned) Beetlejuice vs The.. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 58. May his family, friends and fans find comfort in this video 2020-01-11T04:56:39.000Z. The death of Beetlejuice actor Glenn Shadix in 2010 at 58 years. The Neitherworld (debatingly referred to as The Land of the Dead by some Tim Burton fans, even though not all citizens are ghosts or undead) is the world Beetlejuice originated from. The name of his hometown there is more of a mystery than he is, though those with an eye for the abstract say it..

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A 54-year-old stagehand fell to his death from scaffolding inside Broadway's Winter Garden Theatre this morning as workers were restoring the venue following the departure of the Beetlejuice. A 54-year-old stagehand fell from the scaffolding inside Broadway's Winter Garden Theatre and died Thursday morning. The stagehand was taking down the set from the show Beetlejuice, according to. Beetlejuice Death. Does the beetlejuice death work like the pufferfish death where you make poor quality meal and people will die from eating it. How does beetlejuice death work? 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best Beetlejuice vs Mr. Mxyzptlk is a What If? Death Battle by DBDoctor13. It sees Beetlejuice from the titular franchise of the same name fighting Mister Mxyzptlk from DC Comics in a battle between two god-like entities that share a joy for mischievous pranks at the expense of others. Summary: It's.. The Witch Doctor who shrinks Beetlejuice's head for taking his spot in line doesn't show any signs of how he died, which means it might not have been too bad other than he seems relatively.

The Birth of Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice (often shortened to Beets or Beetle) was born Lester Napoleon Green, to Christopher Palid and Laura Green of Jersey City, New Jersey. At an early age, it was. Genie VS Beetlejuice is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Geniefrom Disneys Aladdin andBeetlejuice from his eponymous series. Thispage was created by Timpack 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Genie 4 Beetlejuice 5 Intermission 6 Death Battle! 7 Results Disney's Aladdin VS Beetlejuice! Warping reality is.. Sept. 9, 2010. Glenn Shadix, best remembered for his portrayal of a portly, pretentious designer in the movie Beetlejuice, died on Tuesday at his home in Birmingham, Ala. He was 58. The. Juno is an afterlife caseworker whom the Maitlands go to for help in dealing with the afterlife and for assistance removing the Deetz's from their home. She had Betelgeuse as an assistant at one time until he decided to go out on his own as a Freelance Bio-Exorcist who claimed he could get rid of the living. She warns the Maitlands not to summon Beetlejuice but to scare the Deetzs out of. Beetlejuice's date of birth and death are unknown but it is known by context that he died a long time ago, and has been enjoying his afterlife for what has most likely been centuries. Beetlejuice. In the film, Beetlejuice was darker and more openly malicious than he would become in the cartoons, arguably being one of the main antagonists.

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  1. Directed by Tim Burton. With Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton, Annie McEnroe. The spirits of a deceased couple are harassed by an unbearable family that has moved into their home, and hire a malicious spirit to drive them out
  2. Dead Mom is the sixth song from Beetlejuice musical
  3. BEETLEJUICE: Everybody gets on Vine here. Like Rodgers, Hart, and Hammerstein here. The women's bathroom has no line here. Justpee where you want! The whole being dead thing! You're just gonna love the folks here. Yes, I know you're woke, but you can take a joke here! And every show I do, like, a TON of coke here
  4. Dead Mom from Beetlejuice context, cut suggestions and video example
  5. While Beetlejuice deals with death and ghosts, is still often described as a comedy. That wouldn't have been the case if producers had stuck to the original screenplay. As The Playlist noted earlier this year, the original script included more gruesome violence and presented Michael Keaton's title character in this way:.
  6. SEAN M. ROONEY BELLEFONTE, PA Sean M. Rooney, 38, died Friday, in Bellefonte, PA. Born in Jersey City, he lived most of his life in Bayonne. He was a Graduate of St. Anthony's High School, Jersey City. He played on 2 of the Basketball Championship teams. He attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA

RELATED: Tim Burton Doesn't Think Beetlejuice 2 Will Happen. Up close, the walls of the Waiting Room look more like bone than marble, but the floor pattern is the same black-and-white checkerboard that appears in the luxurious case workers corridor. That could quite possibly be an homage to Death's chessboard in the classic film, The Seventh. Минусовка и текст песни Beetlejuice - Dead Mom. Текст песни: Heу Mоm, Dead Mоm I need a lіttle help here I'm prоb'lу talkіng tо mуself here Вut Dead Mоm I gоtta ask Are уоu reallу іn the grоund? Cause I feel уоu all arоund me Are уоu here, Dead Mоm? Dead Mоm Dead Mоm I'm tіred оf trуіng tо іrоn оut mу creases I'm a bunch оf. Beetlejuice was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA on Sunday, June 2, 1968 (Generation X). He is 53 years old and is a Gemini. Lester Napoleon Green, better known by his stage name Beetlejuice (often abbreviated to Beetle or Beet), is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show and a member of Stern's Wack Pack Glenn Shadix, best remembered for his portrayal of a portly, pretentious designer in the metaphysical comedy Beetlejuice, died Tuesday at his home in Birmingham. He was 58

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Actor Glenn Shadix, perhaps best remembered for his portrayal of a portly, pretentious designer in the comedy Beetlejuice, died Sept. 7 at his home in Birmingham, Ala. He was 58 Lyrics to Dead Mom by Sophia Caruso from the Beetlejuice [Original Broadway Cast Recording] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more Beetlejuice is the stage name of American actor and comedian, Lester Green, who is known for his short height and small head due to microcephaly and dwarfism, as well as for his crude sense of humor that made him famous on 'The Howard Stern Show'. He has been a part of Stern's 'Wack Pack', and was named the 'Greatest Wack Packer of All Time' in. Being dead thing You're doomed! Enjoy the singing The sword of Damocles is swinging And if I hear your cell-phone ringing I'll kill you myself The whole being dead thing! Death can get a person stressed We should have carpe'd way more diems Now we're never gonna see 'em! I can show you what comes next So don't be freaked Stay in your seat New. # 1. Beetlejuice x Reader by Marley. 5K 213 15. After returning to Connecticut to move into your new home, you quickly become acquainted with your new neighbors, the Deetz. You take a liking to their only daughter, Ly... musicals. fanfic. beetlejuicemusical

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  1. or antagonist in Teen Titans Go!, only appearing in the episode The Ghost With the Most, as a comical and charismatic ghost from the netherworld who helped the Teen Titans improve (and later ruin) their Halloween by kidnapping the Halloween Spirit and trapping it, along with the Titans in the netherworld. He is the very likeness of the titular character from the 1988 movie.
  2. 25 Things Everyone Missed In Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice featured a lot of hidden easter eggs, as well as some humor that went over our heads when it first came out. Directed by Tim Burton and released in 1988, Beetlejuice was an instant success and remains so to this day
  3. 'Beetlejuice' Actor Glenn Shadix Dead 'Beetlejuice' Actor Glenn Shadix Dies. 1.7K; 9/7/2010 5:00 PM PT Glenn Shadix-- famous for playing Otho the interior decorator in Beetlejuice -- died this.
  4. Beetlejuice remains one of Tim Burton's most fully realized, vibrantly stylized films - and one of his funniest, too. Released on March 30, 1988, the film proved to be a smash hit (the.
  5. N.C. Seriously, though, this is a show about- [ENSEMBLE] A#m Fm Death is taboo, but it's hardly something new A#m There's nothing medical professionals can do F Fm 'Cept maybe just bill you [BETELGEUSE, spoken] If you die while listening to this album F D# It's still gonna keep playing [ENSEMBLE] A#m There's no destiny or fate Fm Just a.

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Beetlejuice (less known as Betelgeuse) is a trickster and mischievous ghost. He is the main antagonist of his own live-action movie. 1 Personality 2 History 2.1 Pre-Beetlejuice 2.2 Beetlejuice 3 Development 4 Name 5 Powers and abilities 6 Beetlejuice from the Animated Series 7 Trivia 8 Gallery Betelgeuse is a very rude, crude, and womanizing ghost. He also gets a little crazy at times. Though. Dead Mom Beetlejuice musical 2:51 320 kbps-Dead Mom Sophia Anne Caruso 3:04 128 kbps-Jump In The Line (Shake Senora) Beetlejuice 3:41 320 kbps мастер + бэк; Home Beetlejuice 3:47 320 kbps-Barbara 2.0 Beetlejuice 3:28 320 kbps-Say My Name (Lydia, Barbara) Beetlejuice 4:01 320 kbps + бэ Beetlejuice Live Dead in Concert! Featuring the Ghostbusters! was one of the twenty shows that were featured during Fright Nights. It was located in The New York Library. The show featured Beetlejuice singing parodied versions of songs, such as My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music. The Ghostbusters would then interrupt him and perform their own song and dance numbers. The show then ends.

Major Character Death (99) Underage (53) Rape/Non-Con (38) Include Categories F/M (807) Gen (423) Multi (306) M/M (151) F/F (120) Other (112) Include Fandoms Beetlejuice - All Media Types (1043) Beetlejuice - Perfect/Brown & King (872) Beetlejuice (1988) (421) Beetlejuice (Cartoon 1989) (279 Glenn Shadix, Beetlejuice Actor, Dies in Alabama. Glenn Shadix as Scorpius, is seen with actor Will Smith in a scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (Photo by: Joseph Del Valle/NBCU Photo.

Beetlejuice The Musical Dead Mom كلمات أغنية: [Lydia] / Hey Mom, Dead Mom / I need a little help here / I'm prob'ly tal.. The Very Best Quotes from Beetlejuice Updated: September 11, 2020 By: Patrick For everyone who's ever chickened out before saying the third Beetlejuice or started each and every day with It's showtime! we're proud to present you the 14 best quotes from one of the best movies of all time (ALL TIME); Beetlejuice

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  1. Beetlejuice died in the 1600s. Beetlejuice mentioned that he lived through the Great Plague. One of the greatest plagues of history is the 1665 Great Plague of London. Additionally, by then, America had been discovered and people were heading to the New World. Connecticut, where the film takes place, was also one of the early colonies settled.
  2. Beetlejuice. Quotes. Delia Deetz: If you don't let me gut out this house and make it my own, I will go insane, and I will take you with me! Charles Deetz: Yeah, well you know, maybe the house.
  3. Grim vs. Beetlejuice is a What-If battle and Season 1 finale. It has Grim, the cartoony reaper fighting against Beetlejuice, the ghost with the most in a battle between death-manipulating supernatural beings. This is Ethaneyu 183's tenth battle, as well as his first ever season finale. 1..
  4. Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast Dead Mom: Hey Mom, Dead Mom I need a little help here I'm prob'ly talking to myself here But Dead Mom I gotta..
  5. 2019 Broadway Beetlejuice the Musical - The Whole Being Dead Thing Pt. 2 Lyrics The Whole Being Dead Thing Pt. 2 is a song performed by Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice), Rob McClure (Adam), Kerry Butler (Barbara) and Minions from the musical Beetlejuice

When Tim Burton's Beetlejuice came out in 1988, no one had seen anything like it. Thirty years on, we have dozens of wacky comedies with brilliant performances, but back then, the film was. Beetlejuice - Dead Mom Live chords by Misc Soundtrack. 5,134 views, added to favorites 85 times. Extended Version of the Original Song, thus includes a key change and extra segments that are not in the official version. Was this info helpful? Yes No. Difficulty: intermediate. Tuning: E A D G B E Beetlejuice and Lydia will learn that life in Peaceful Pines is nothing more than a Masquerade of Death, a town filled with glare and glitter and piquancy and phantasm. Language: Englis Beetlejuice: Season 2: The Sleeper Saga by jgames reviews. It's Lydia's birthday and the gang decides to throw her a surprise party. Suddenly the ground under her house begins to shake and The Seer appears and tells them that an evil and powerful magician has escaped and is searching for The Sleeper

Be ready to show your tickets to the BEETLEJUICE staff member. During the performance, the cast will choose a winner. After the show, the winner(s) will have a photo taken with the cast. Follow these rules (or you're dead to us). No simulated, costume or functional weapons are allowed at BEETLEJUICE the Musical. Full-face masks are also prohibited Sophia Anne Caruso (left) as Lydia and Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice in 'Beetlejuice,' a new musical on Broadway. Matthew Murphy. Welcome to a show about death! the ebullient chorus of. Living Dead. 1,133 likes. Live Dubstep/Electro Beetlejuice is a 1988 horror comedy film about two recently-deceased ghosts who enlist the help of a bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice, to help remove a new family from their old house. Directed by Tim Burton. Written by Michael McDowell, Warren Skaaren. Story by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson

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  1. The maitlands have a new companion a second wife named Evie who joins them in their death and meets the demon Beetlejuice will this new addition mean changes for not only the maitlands but for the demon who learns that maybe he doesn't need power. Language: English Words: 1,39
  2. g/download platforms. Lots of Glitch Hop/Dubstep vibes on this release. Click the link below to pick where you would like to stream/dowload the EP. <3
  3. A 54-year-old stagehand fell from the scaffolding inside Broadway's Winter Garden Theatre and died Thursday morning.The stagehand was taking down the set from the show Beetlejuice.
  4. Deaths-Dead / Obituary : This is a developing story that beetlejuice may have passed away. We have not been able to verify this story and therefore can not say for sure that the above mentioned individual is dead. This is a developing story. This post can not in anyway serve as an obituary or death notice for the above mentioned individual
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Beetlejuice, Actor: Bubble Boy. Beetlejuice was born on June 2, 1968 in Browns Mills, New Jersey, USA as Lester Green. He is an actor, known for Bubble Boy (2001), Scary Movie 2 (2001) and Apartment Troubles (2014) Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast The Whole Being Dead Thing: Hey, folks! Begging your pardon! 'Scuse me! Sorry to barge in Now let's skip the tears and start on..

These Beetlejuice Recently Deceased Sneakers are officially licensed from the 1988 movie. The unisex shoes have lace-up fronts and a maroon exterior that's the color of The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. They even have the cover art of the book on the side. Each tongue features the classic Beetlejuice logo on them, making them perfect for. 2.3m Followers, 194 Following, 1,035 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lester Beetlejuice Green (@beetlepimp We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us NEW YORK 308 East 6th Street New York, NY 10003, USA tel: 646-510-4786 Sun, Tue, Wed: 4:00pm-11:30pm Thur, Fri, Sat: 4:00pm - 2:00am . LOS ANGELE

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Dead! [BEETLEJUICE:] It's the perfect day to die 'Cause this guy happened to be passing by To give you control of your soul For the whole being dead thing The whole being dead thing! Oh yeah! Submit Corrections. Thanks to alejandro009 for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): Eddie Thomas Perfect Michael Keaton's portrayal of Beetlejuice is memorable, but he was also joined by a superb cast that includes Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Catherine O'Hara (hello, Moira Rose!), and Winona Ryder.The plot is hilarious, the quotes and sayings are otherworldly, and the film is a must-watch. So if you're looking for your next Instagram caption or just want to go down the Beetlejuice memory. [BETELGEUSE, sung] F# Hey, folks! Begging your pardon! D 'Scuse me! Sorry to barge in B A Now let's skip the tears and start on the whole G# Y'know Being dead thing F#m You're doomed! Enjoy the singing D The sword of Damocles is swinging B And if I hear your cell-phone ringing A I'll kill you myself G#m The whole being dead thing! Bm Death can get a person stressed F# We should. Beetlejuice Gifts. It's showtime! Relive your favorite movie and cartoonish moments when you shop our Beetlejuice costumes and collectibles. Whether you'd like an officially licensed Beetlejuice suit, a Lydia Deetz costume, or a few Pop! figures, we've got you covered right here! Take a look at these Beetlejuice gifts

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  1. Beetlejuice the Musical - The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing Pt. 3 Lyrics The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing Pt. 3 is a song performed by Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice) from the musical Beetlejuice. BETELGEUSE: Hey guys, awesome seance Lots of good old-fashioned chaos You lose — in your faces! 'Cause look who's holding all the aces ADAM: (spoken) You.
  2. 'Beetlejuice' Review: Better Off Dead The latest entry in the screen-to-stage trend is a ghoulish, overlong adaptation of a cult classic
  3. Beetlejuice Day-O composer dead. Day-O, written in 1952, has been ubiquitous, appearing in everything from the film and Broadway musical Beetlejuice to an E-Trade commercial
  4. utes of screen time. Following the success of his feature Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Burton was sent a bunch of scripts, but since they were unoriginal and uninspired, none of them really grabbed him
  5. Beetlejuice (5 9) Movie CLIP - Scary Snake (1988) HD. The Ghost with the Most - Beetlejuice (7 9) Movie CLIP (1988) HD. It's Showtime! - Beetlejuice (8 9) Movie CLIP (1988) HD. Beetlejuice (9 9) Movie CLIP - Til Death Do Us Part (1988) HD. The Whole Being Dead Thing. The Whole Being Dead Thing, Pt. 2
  6. Beetlejuice er en skrekkfilmkomedie regissert av Tim Burton, først lansert i USA den 30. mars 1988 og produsert av The Geffen Film Company for Warner Bros. Pictures.Filmen handler om to nylig avdøde spøkelser, «Adam Maitland» (Alec Baldwin) og hans kone «Barbara» (Geena Davis), som ber om hjelp fra en slitsom bio-eksorsist ved navn Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) for å fjerne familien.
  7. Beetlejuice Mega Scale Beetlejuice. $90.00. Sold Out. Beetlejuice Stylized Beetlejuice. $23.00. Sold Out. Showing 1-3 of 3

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Beetlejuice: Love is not Dead Chapter 1, a beetlejuice fanfic | FanFiction. Chapter One. Judge Mental gazed coldly at Beetlejuice, his empty sockets transfixed on his every move. Almost as if he expected him to disappear. (This had happened before in the past.) Before we start, would you like someone to represent you Beetlejuice The dead lead lives of noisy desperation in Beetlejuice, the absolutely exhausting new musical that opened on Thursday at the Winter Garden Theater. This frantic adaptation of Tim Burton's.

Beetlejuice Cast Member Death #24 Posted: 6/23/19 at 11:27pm. He was apparently working on Rock of Ages. « Back to the Message Board. Hot stories Thanks to its bonkers blend of comedy and horror, Beetlejuice became an instant hit with audiences when it was released on March 30, 1988—and even more so in the 30 years since, as younger.

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Living Dead Dolls Presents 1 Date of Death 2 Chipboard Poem 3 Death Certificate 4 Fun Facts N/A N/A N/ A show about death. The Musical adaptation of Tim Burton 's Beetlejuice, which started its run in Washington D.C. in 2018 and officially opened on Broadway on April 25, 2019. The book was written by Scott Brown and Anthony King, and the songs provided by Australian comedian Eddie Perfect. After perishing in a gruesome accident, loving couple. Beetlejuice. Quotes. Lester Green, better known by his stage name Beetlejuice, is an American actor and comedian with microcephaly and dwarfism, and a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show. A member of Stern's Wack Pack, Beetlejuice was named the greatest Wack Packer of all time. Howard Stern has been quoted saying that Beetlejuice has been.

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How 'Beetlejuice' Was Born. The true story of a horror writer and the unsung heroes who helped Tim Burton bring his afterlife classic to life. The fun began with bad neighbors. It was the mid. Beetlejuice. At once comic, ghoulish, grotesque, dumb, and calculating, Beetlejuice is the rotten-toothed snake-oil salesman villain of the film. A self-described bio-exorcist, he advertizes his ability to help his fellow dead citizens, but creates more chaos than anything. Glib and fast-talking, unfurling his one-liners in a manic patter.

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Betelgeuse, also publicly known as Beetlejuice, is the titular main antagonist of the 1988 live-action film and titular protagonist of the animated cartoon of the same name. He is the main antagonist of the film, but has a more heroic role in the cartoon as the main protagonist. He is voiced by Stephen Ouimette in the cartoon also is voiced by Michael Keaton in the movie. 1 Appearance 2. A good example of this is Beetlejuice 2, a sequel that's been in the works for quite sometime only to die what seems like a million deaths. Now, however, the project is one to life a million-and.

Dale Spina, formerly Warner Bros.' vice president of creative advertising and a copywriter for the studio, died on Aug. 4 after a brief illness. He was 66. Spina served as co-head of The Idea. Beetlejuice's hellish waiting room could only come from the mind of Tim Burton, so here's a guide to every ghost it contains.Beetlejuice is the movie that really solidified Tim Burton as one of the most distinctive filmmakers in Hollywood. The movie's mixture of dark comedy and horror - combined with Burton's unique visual style - have made it a cult classic

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A frightful shrimp cocktail and a flatbread straight from the Netherworld—God we hope you're ready for a meal about death! International News Beetlejuice Musical to Open in South Korea in 202 Beetlejuice. Comedy 1988 1 hr 32 min. View in iTunes. Michael Keaton, Academy Award winner Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder star in director Tim Burton's comic twist on supernatural horror tales--Beetlejuice. When a couple of nice, young homebody ghosts (Baldwin and Davis) try to haunt the pretentious humans who have moved into their. Documentary for the recently deceased : the making of Beetlejuice. 2,201 likes · 5 talking about this. Documentary for the Recently Deceased : The Making Of BEETLEJUICE is an independant fan..

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